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Creating An Effective Plan For Medicaid

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is something many seniors fear. In addition to not having your loved one at home with you, the financial burden can also be terrifying. People are afraid of losing their home or their savings to cover the expense of the nursing home. This does not necessarily need to happen.

At my firm — the Law Offices of Russell E. Baldwin Chartered — I help seniors throughout the western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, use proper Medicaid planning techniques to protect their assets and get their loved ones the medical care they need. Contact me online, or call 630-717-4552 to learn about the options available.

Applying For Medicaid Benefits

Although there are numerous things that can be done to protect your assets when a loved one requires skilled nursing care, timing is critical. Using careful planning, I work with clients to preserve their savings and keep the community spouse in their home.

Many clients who contact me do not know what to expect from the Medicaid process. Some people are told by nursing homes or other facilities that they need to spend all their assets to qualify for benefits. This is necessarily not true. You do not need to be completely impoverished to qualify for Medicaid.

With effective Medicaid planning, there are numerous things that can be done to help you qualify for the benefits you need. As an experienced elder law attorney, I can help you review all of your assets and how they are held. In many situations, there are legal transfers that can help you qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid Planning To Meet Your Needs

I will help you determine the best path for your situation. Everyone is different and no two paths are the same. I maintain a small firm so I can offer clients the tailored solutions they need. It takes a knowledgeable lawyer with years of experience to accurately assess your entire situation, and accommodate your needs and goals.

Contact my office in Naperville online, or call 630-717-4552 to learn more about the options that are available to you.