Protecting Your Rights Through Powers Of Attorney

Powers of attorney can be one of the most important (and least expensive) documents a person can create as part of his or her overall estate plan. In the event that you are unable to make decisions on your own, a power of attorney grants another person (your agent) the right to act on your behalf. At my law firm — the Law Offices of Russell E. Baldwin Chartered — I work closely with clients to help them create a power of attorney that reflects their needs.

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Understanding Powers Of Attorney

Powers of attorney are documents that should be put in place before you are ill and certainly while you are competent to do so. Unfortunately, they are often omitted when people are preparing their estate plan.

A power of attorney can be limited to certain acts (or property) or expanded beyond the statutory format. When a power of attorney is designed to continue if a person becomes incapacitated, it is said to be a "durable" power of attorney. Normally, a power of attorney becomes null and void upon the death of the person who created the power. A health care power of attorney allows a designated person to make health care-related decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Working With Someone You Trust

The downside of a power of attorney is the giving up of the exclusive right to act on your own behalf. There is inherent danger in giving a third party the right to access you property or assets, but an experienced lawyer can help you choose a person who will always act in your best interest and, when appropriate, put limitations of the power or authority given to the named agent. Contact me online, or call 630-717-4552 to schedule your appointment with a professional you can trust.